Self-Defense. Fitness. Fight.

Our mission is to empower every person with real skills to be safer and stronger.

Whether you are a beginner level or experienced level student our self-defense, fitness, and fight programs will help you build the skills you need to protect yourself and the ones you love.

We have world-class training facilities in West L.A. and Sherman Oaks, the highest level Krav Maga instructors in the world, and an incredible community of students to train with.

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Why choose Krav Maga Worldwide L.A.?

Self-defense for the real world.

Krav Maga is a self-defense system that was originally created for training soldiers. It’s a no-holds-barred system that stresses instinctive movements and aggressive counterattacking.

We teach students to use self-defense techniques that would be considered illegal in a sport fight or competition. That’s because there are no rules, or “fouls” when it comes to self-defense in the real world. Krav Maga teaches students to fight back, win, and go home safe, by any means necessary. 

This means that our students develop an aggressive, survival mindset as well as the situational awareness needed to identify threats and avoid them. 

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self-defense for the streets

The world's best instructors.

Self-defense classes at Krav Maga Worldwide teach essential fundamentals.

Krav Maga Worldwide Los Angeles is one of the testing and certification sites for all Krav Maga Worldwide certified instructors. 

Our staff of instructors includes some of the highest ranking Krav Maga Worldwide belt holders in the world. 

Every one of our expert instructors has dedicated years of their lives to their training and to helping others learn the world’s best self-defense system.

Our students learn from this incredible group every day, in every class at our locations in West L.A. and Sherman Oaks.

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The choice of Law Enforcement & Military.

Krav Maga is the Defensive Tactics system of choice for law enforcement agencies and military units around the world. 

Krav Maga Worldwide instructors have trained more than 800 law enforcement agencies and military units. . 

The Krav Maga Worldwide team is recognized as providing the highest quality of training to men and women on the front lines. 

Training in Krav Maga means learning the same system that law enforcement agencies and military units trust to keep them safe.