What do I do if there is no Krav Maga near me?

easy to find krav maga near me

Krav Maga Worldwide® is the world’s leading reality based self-defense company. We have around 140 certified training centers around the world. Our training has helped thousands and thousands of people become stronger and safer by training in best self-defense system on the planet. In addition, our Force Training Division trains law enforcement agencies and military units all around the world. Krav Maga Worldwide self-defense training comes directly from the creator of Krav Maga, Imi Lichtenfeld.

Many people ask us, “How do I find Krav Maga near me?” or “What do I do if there is no Krav Maga near me?”. The first question is easy to answer. If you are looking for “krav maga near me” you can check out our locator map by clicking on this link and entering your zip code in the search field. The map will bring up the closest Krav Maga Worldwide® certified training center near you. The other easy option is to give us a call at 1-800-KRAV MAGA and we’ll help you with your search for “krav maga near me”.

If the closest certified training center to you is still difficult for you to access there are still several options for training with us and getting the best self-defense training possible. You want to be sure that you are getting your training through a Krav Maga Worldwide® certified instructor or through a branch of their Krav Maga Worldwide® certified training center and you have several options.

Why is Krav Maga Worldwide certification so important?

To understand why Krav Maga Worldwide® certification is important it’s crucial to start with taking a look at what Krav Maga is.

Krav Maga is a self-defense system developed by the Israel Defense Forces for training military personnel in hand-to-hand combat. Krav Maga uses instinctive movements aggressive counter attacks and a no-holds-barred mentality without the ceremonial elements of traditional martial arts.

Imi Lichtenfeld

Krav Maga’s creator, Imi Lichtenfeld was born in Hungary in 1910 and grew up in Hungary where he practiced boxing and grappling his whole life under the tutelage of his father, Samuel. Imi joined Nazi resistance groups in Europe during WWII and fought back against Nazi oppression until the end of the war when he and thousands of others could immigrate to the newly formed nation of Israel. Imi’s hand-to-hand combat skills became the foundation of the Israel Defense Forces training, known today as Krav Maga. 

Imi Lichtenfeld, the creator of Krav Maga.

Krav Maga Worldwide’s® Chief Instructor, Darren Levine, started training with Imi Lichtenfeld at Israel’s prestigious Wingate Institute in the 1980’s. Darren earned his black belt in Krav Maga from Imi himself and Imi also awarded Darren a special distinction in the form of a “Founder’s Diploma” for the krav maga near me, which gave Darren the permission and mission to teach Krav Maga outside of Israel. Imi’s vision for Krav Maga was for every person in the world, not just those training to defend Israel in the IDF, to be empowered with the skills to defend themselves and have the ability to “walk in peace”.

Krav Maga Worldwide’s® mission is born of Imi’s vision for Krav Maga. We work to empower every person by teaching them real skills to make them safer and stronger. In order to earn a Krav Maga Worldwide® certification, instructors dedicate themselves to extensive, rigorous training. You can see more about what goes in to Krav Maga Worldwide® instructor training by watching the video below.

So, finding “krav maga near me” is important but you want to make sure you are training with the best and that means training at a Krav Maga Worldwide® certified training center and/or with a Krav Maga Worldwide certified instructor.

I can't find Krav Maga near me. What are my options?

Zoom Classes

There are several great options for getting Krav Maga Worldwide® the first is live online Zoom classes with expert instructors from Krav Maga Worldwide’s® HQ Training Centers in Los Angeles, California. 

Krav Maga Worldwide® HQ Training Centers are the hub of Krav Maga Worldwide® operations and instructor training and certification. We rolled out a full schedule of online Zoom classes in 2020 that provides training anywhere that connecting to a Zoom meeting is possible. For many students this was an important and convenient way to continue training during the COVID 19 lockdown conditions in Los Angeles and other locations around the world, especially for people who couldn’t find “krav maga near me”. Krav Maga Worldwide® HQ Training Centers offers Zoom classes seven days a week. You can find out more about Zoom classes and even take a FREE trial class by clicking here. 

Many Krav Maga Worldwide® certified training centers are also offering online Zoom training programs. If krav maga near me is important to you, check the locator map and contact the closest certified training center to you with an inquiry about their Zoom training. Our expert instructors at all certified training centers can teach you the best self-defense system and give you solid fundamental skills that you can continue to develop via Zoom.

Online Academy

Krav Maga Worldwide® has an online Academy that has offers extensive training resources. The online Academy has full courses on things like Defense vs. Handgun and Handgun Threats, Women Only Self-Defense, Anti-Bullying for kids, and more.

Members who sign up for the Krav Maga Worldwide® HQ Training Centers Zoom programming also get special access to the online Academy Insider material. The Academy Insider contains hours of full Krav Maga Worldwide® self-defense Level 1, Level 2, and Advanced classes.

Krav Maga near me home workouts with Tina

The Academy Insider also has five hours of fitness classes with Krav Maga Worldwide® Fitness Director Tina Angelotti. These fun, challenging, fitness classes are based on Krav Maga Worldwide® self-defense techniques and functional fitness that will push your conditioning and give you an incredible workout. The home workouts will also help you hone and develop Krav Maga Worldwide® self-defense striking skills.

Team Building Events/Group Private Training

Krav Maga Worldwide® offers private group training events, in person if conditions are safe to do so, or online via Zoom. Group private training is a great way to get real world self-defense skills with your company, club, or group of close friends. Considering COVID 19 lockdown conditions this is a great way to be able to train with another person, in person, especially if there are accessible, safe, partners in your home, company, etc. Team Building Events and group private training classes can be tailored to your group’s needs or interests whether it’s something like fundamental self-defense, Women Only self-defense, or even Active Shooter Mitigation. You can get more info about Team Building Events through Krav Maga Worldwide® HQ Training Centers by clicking here. Many of our Krav Maga Worldwide® certified training centers offer similar programs so, if “krav maga near me” is important to you, check the locator map and contact the certified training center closest to you with an inquiry about group private training.

Private Lessons

Many Krav Maga Worldwide certified Instructors will make themselves available for private lessons, in person if conditions are safe to do so, and online via Zoom. If you can’t find “krav maga near me” it’s still possible to train with one of the best instructors in the world. The best thing to do use the locator map to find the certified training center closest to you and contact that training center directly regarding instructor availability for private training. If you can’t find “krav maga near me” and your interested in an online private lesson with one of the Krav Maga Worldwide HQ Training Center expert instructors call us at 1-800-KRAV-MAGA or fill out our contact form and we’ll help you get the information you need.