The Krav Maga Worldwide Kids program is a fun, encouraging alternative to traditional martial arts self defense classes for kids. Instead of forms and drills, Krav Maga for children teaches tools and techniques tailored for situations that commonly confront kids at school, on the playground, and in life. In our classes, we stress three things: self-defense, fitness, and confidence. By focusing on these real world needs, kids are engaged in the learning process.

Krav Maga Kids

Krav Maga For Kids Teaches Confidence

One of our primary missions with any age group is fostering mental strength. A strong mind is agile, aware, and confident. Far from being a physical-only class, Krav Maga for children trains young minds to think and react with an emphasis on situational awareness and creative problem-solving. Whether they’re facing problems caused by a school bully or a surprise math test, your child has a set of tools to handle the situation.

Krav Maga For Kids Teaches Fitness

In our Krav Maga classes, your child will get plenty of exercise, but it will be exercise with a purpose. By linking their physical activity to real self-defense techniques, we focus on training the muscles they will be asked to use both in class and the real world. We help your kids develop and maintain healthy bodies through the use of exercise, nutrition, and mindfulness. They will learn the limits of their body, and how to push themselves safely to expand those limits.

Krav Maga For Kids Teaches Self Defense

Students learn skills quickly and stay in shape, but they also get the practical skills to keep them safe. During our self defense classes for kids, they are taught awareness of their environment, what to do if they are attacked, and when to avoid a fight. By cultivating the proper mindset and the physical skills needed to support it, you help keep your child safe even when you aren’t around.

Krav Maga For Kids Molds Young Adults

One benefit of our children’s classes is the unparalleled socialization practice they will get. They will have the chance to work on individual and collaborative communication with instructors, peers, and eventually, beginners like they once were. Empathy, compassion, and leadership are core values we instill in our students.

Enroll Your Child In Krav Maga For Kids

Working with Krav Maga Worldwide is the right choice for any parent who wants to see their child meet and exceed their potential. Reach out to us at Krav Maga Worldwide HQ Training Centers Sherman OaksorKrav Maga Worldwide HQ Training Centers West LAto find the best location for you.

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