Preparing for Self Defense Training Courses

You’ve decided to take the plunge and have signed up for self defense training courses. Are you unsure of what to expect? There’s nothing wrong with making sure you’re prepared prior to beginning self defense training courses. Consider our tips on preparing yourself for your first class:

Consider Light Workouts Prior to Starting

Jumping right into a self defense course without any prior exercise history could be tough on your body. If you’re all about early preparation for class, consider getting in a few light workout sessions prior to starting class. This will ensure that your body is properly conditioned. It will also help you get into the mindset of adhering to a workout schedule prior to starting a class. You can start with light weight training, jogging on the treadmill or any other light exercise to begin preparing your body.

Get Your Diet in Check

A health diet with nutritious whole foods like fruits and vegetables is key for the best preparation for self-defense courses.

If you have been frequenting fast food restaurants or are unsure when you last consumed a vegetable or piece of fruit that wasn’t fried or dipped in sugar, now would be the time to change that. Prior to starting class you should consider getting your diet in check. The food we consume is pure fuel for our bodies. Without the proper diet it is going to be difficult to perform 100% in self defense training courses. Start incorporating more protein, fruits, and vegetables into your diet and you’re sure to see a difference in how you feel.

Check Out YouTube

Yes, we’re recommending that you take a look at some YouTube videos to get basic insight into what to expect from self defense training courses. If you’re unsure of what to expect and are feeling a bit nervous, watching a few videos may help ease your mind. You’ll get a good overview on what to expect and perhaps even some tips on properly performing basic moves. This will help you start learning before classes even begin. You can see some great videos here on our channel.

Sit in on a Class

If watching videos doesn’t quite fit the bill and you’re the type of person who likes to be fully prepared, you may want to ask if you can sit in on a class. This will help show you what you are in for. You’ll be able to get a feel for the classes, instructor, and students. This way when you do start classes you’ll know what to expect.

Invite a Friend

If you’re a little worried about starting class by yourself, consider inviting a friend to come along. Do you have a friend in mind who may also want to try self defense classes? If so, why not ask? Friends can make for great motivators in class, so it is certainly something to consider.

Be Prepared to Work Hard

There’s no question about it, self defense training courses can be difficult. Before starting class get yourself into the mindset that you are ready to work hard. Mental preparation will be key so that when the going gets tough, you are able to keep going. Remember, hard work always pays off in the long run.

Before starting self defense classes it is always a good idea to take some time to prepare. Whether it’s modifying your diet, sitting in on a class or inviting a friend to come along, there are multiple ways to ensure you’re ready before classes even begin.