Should You Learn Krav Maga at Home?

Krav Maga is more popular today than it’s ever been, and it stands to reason that there’s a growing number of people who want to learn these self-defense skills for themselves. But Krav Maga doesn’t come with an instruction booklet, or with headgear and knee-pads: there’s a lot a person needs to learn in order to do it right, and jumping into it half-cocked can lead to frustration.

So, can you learn Krav Maga at home? The answer might be more complicated than you’d think, so read on to learn the pros and cons of learning the ropes on your lonesome.

The Good

The biggest reason to train in Krav Maga in the comfort of your own living room is the convenience factor. You can craft a schedule that works for you and pace your training in a way that works for you, and the level of control that option provides is obviously tempting. Avoiding the gym floors covered in foot-sweat and the crowded showers that come with them isn’t a bad perk, either.

Another advantage of learning Krav Maga at home is that the sport does lend itself well to individual training, to a certain degree. After all, Krav Maga was specifically designed as a combination of self-defense techniques for use in the course of daily life, and that means almost anyone can pick up the fundamentals with relative ease. The practicality of it provides a straightforward learning curve for novice practitioners—at first, anyway.

Finally, practicing Krav Maga at home can be a good way to build your confidence before you take it to the next level and get a trainer. Knowing some of the basics before you immerse yourself in a lesson plan can definitely give you a leg up and provide some solid groundwork for your advance into the next level. Taking it at your own pace before you charge head first into the upper field of the craft can help you prepare for the discipline you’ll need on the road ahead.

The Bad

Of course, as with almost anything in life, you’ll only get so far tackling it totally on your own. Sure, you can learn the basics of Krav Maga at home, but if you want to get serious about it, you’ll find your technique and conditioning hitting a plateau pretty quickly without a qualified professional guiding the course of your training. Just like you probably won’t make it to the NBA just by shooting hoops in your driveway, you’re not going to get into the real core of Krav Maga without the instruction of someone who really knows what they’re doing.

There’s also the unavoidable fact that trying to master it entirely by yourself presents safety concerns as well. Learning Krav Maga at home is a very different thing from practicing in a specific and controlled environment, and if you’re not conditioning correctly and using proper form, you could injure yourself. Even pros can make mistakes in this area, and having someone close by to make sure you’re training correctly can save yourself a lot of pain in the long run.

You’ll run a bigger risk of just straight-up learning some moves the wrong way, as well. You don’t want to be the self-defense equivalent of the goober at the gym that walks up to the biggest weight machine and ends up using it backwards. If you decide to practice Krav Maga at home, make sure you’re always doing your homework and making sure you’re implementing the techniques in the manner and purpose that they’re made to be used in.

The Awesome

woman punching a bag in a self-defense class

Fortunately, we’re well into the Internet Age, and that means you can experience all the convenience of learning Krav Maga at home and reap all the benefits of training one-on-one with a master of the craft. Krav Maga Worldwide Academy is the premier destination for guided, online courses that will help you learn everything you need to know about the world’s most effective self-defense practice, and we even offer some of our lessons totally free. If you’re curious about Krav Maga and want to see what all the fuss is about, there’s never been a better time to dive head-first into our fantastic training regimen.

The Worldwide Academy lets you learn Krav Maga at home with a wide array of convenient features, including a mobile-optimized lesson player, a progress tracker that keeps a record of where you are in your training, and a range of pricing options that keep lessons accessible for anyone willing to practice. Krav Maga Worldwide also has brick-and-mortar schools all over the world in case you ever want to brush up on your skills live and in person with a trainer and a bevy of like-minded students. We recommend a combination of learning Krav Maga at home and in the flesh at our training centers, but the Krav Maga Worldwide Academy is all about teaching you Krav Maga in the way that works for you—because, after all, it’s you who’s going to get the most out of your experience.

If you have any questions, take a look at our FAQ and don’t hesitate to drop us a line. And if you think there’s something we’ve glossed over, or you have a story about trying to take on Krav Maga by yourself, leave us a comment below. There’s never been a more convenient way to learn the ropes of Krav Maga at home, so act now and find out for yourself just what the Krav Maga Worldwide Academy can bring to your life.