Effective self-defense.

Learn the most powerful groin kick for self-defense.

It’s important to realize that self-defense training is not meant for a competition. Using strikes like a groin kick, eye gouge, throat strike or a strike to the back of the head aren’t illegal. These techniques are not “dirty”. Especially if your life depends on it. There’s no such thing

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krav maga online classes

The Best Way To Learn Real Krav Maga Online

The Krav Maga Worldwide Online Academy Krav Maga Worldwide self-defense classes teach practical, no holds barred techniques that are easy to learn and easy to recall under stress. The Krav Maga Worldwide self-defense system was developed in Israel just after WWII by a man named Imi Lichtenfeld. Israel was a

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Krav Maga self-defense training for senior citizens.

Krav Maga Training For Senior Citizens

Krav Maga Training For Senior Citizens Personal safety. Health and fitness. Confidence. Community. Krav Maga training is the best self-defense system for any person regardless of their demographic. Krav Maga is a self-defense system that was developed in Israel at the end of the WWII when Israel was first becoming

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women's self-defense

Why Krav Maga is the best self-defense for women

Krav Maga for Women There’s a question that people will always ask when they consider a commitment to something,  whether the commitment is to buying a bicycle, going to a restaurant, taking a trip, etc. Everyone wants to know is “what is the best” version or iteration or offering of

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krav maga classes for kids

The best self-defense classes for safe and strong kids

Krav Maga Worldwide kids classes. Self-defense classes for kids are important. There’s no doubt. No organization understands that better than Krav Maga Worldwide. Helping kids develop useful physical and mental skills is one of the biggest challenges that parents face. The challenge is about raising kids who are equipped to

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Man studying Krav Maga videos online

Can You Teach Yourself Krav Maga?

As Krav Maga continues to gain popularity, people are increasingly curious—is it possible to teach yourself the basics of this self-defense system through practice at home? The short answer: yes, you can teach yourself Krav Maga…but there are some very important caveats. In the age of the internet, where we’re

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I want to find krav maga near me

Krav Maga near me?

What do I do if there is no Krav Maga near me? Krav Maga Worldwide® is the world’s leading reality based self-defense company. We have around 140 certified training centers around the world. Our training has helped thousands and thousands of people become stronger and safer by training in best

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What is the most important Krav Maga belt?

The most important Krav Maga Belt level.

Krav Maga is not a ceremonial martial art but there are Krav Maga belts and corresponding Krav Maga levels. Training in Krav Maga Worldwide self-defense involves progressing through the Krav Maga belt system. The creator of Krav Maga, Imi Lichtenfeld, designed Krav Maga to be easy to learn and easy

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The most important Krav Maga moves.

Three Krav Maga Techniques That Everyone Should Know

Three Krav Maga Techniques That Everyone Should Know. There are definitely Krav Maga techniques that everyone should know. It’s a dangerous world and having a general knowledge of Krav Maga techniques can help anyone be safer. When you are training in self-defense and martial arts there’s inevitably going to be

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Krav Maga vs. BJJ

Krav Maga vs. BJJ

Krav Maga vs. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu When comparing two styles of self-defense or martial arts there are a few ways to approach the comparison. The most common motive for comparison is to establish or understand which style is superior so that a person can train in that style and receive the

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Krav Maga Belts

Krav Maga Belt System

Krav Maga Belt System Krav Maga Worldwide self-defense is a system that does not adhere to many of the same ceremonial aspects still practiced in traditional martial arts but it does utilize a krav maga belt system that corresponds to the levels in which people train. There are five levels

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What is Krav Maga

What is Krav Maga?

What is Krav Maga? Krav Maga is a self-defense system developed by the Israel Defense Forces for training military personnel in hand-to-hand combat. Krav Maga uses instinctive movements aggressive counter attacks and a no-holds-barred mentality without the ceremonial elements of traditional martial arts. Krav Maga will teach you to use

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